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Asian restaurants in Toronto

Posted on by Keenan Henson

The top Chinese restaurants in Toronto represent only a fraction of the diverse variety of regional offerings accessible here. And though many would claim you have to head to Richmond and Markham Hill to get the actual deal, Scarborough, our downtown Chinatowns and areas in between have their share of winners.

Taste of China

The wonderfully cumbersome name doesn’t detract in the fact Taste of China is, for many, a taste of excellence. Popular among the late night crowd because of its excellent General Tao Chicken and sizzling seafood on skillets, it’s one of the places that you just simply need to go when you’re in downtown Chinatown.

House of Gourmet

This eatery near Spadina and Dundas appears poor in the exterior but is a constant hub of action, with excellent dishes like claypot tofus and satay beef noodles. It has a BBQ joint that is committed takeout, perfect for those nights when you just wish to feast on your own couch on pork or duck.

Rol San

This late night Chinatown favourite is always jam packed with those who can't get enough of their classics like ho supporter noodles and spicy ginger steak. Not to mention, it's an incredibly popular all-day dim sum.

Congee Wong (Finch and Leslie)

For my money my favourite one is the North York place, although there are numerous Congee Wongs near that it is able to make your head spin. Sure it might get crowded during mealtimes, but at least it late, as well as their Cantonese Chow Mein Fried Chili Turnip Patties never fails to make me grin.

Hong Shing Chinese Restaurant

The longstanding association near City Hall could be a little oily but they make an oh-so-pleasing Sizzling Chili Chicken and General Tao Chicken. Wash it all down with cocktails with names like the Stormy Night in Hong Kong.

Sam Woo BBQ

This Scarborough mainstay continues to be fulfilling old school Cantonese BBQ pork enthusiasts for over twenty years. Soft and absolutely crispy roast pork skin BBQ pork meat blended with old school unfussy décor makes for an awesome meal.



This upscale eatery from Susur Lee inside the Soho Met features all-day dim sum, sweet-flavorful Wuxi spare ribs and elaborate cocktails, all served under the gleam of some garish quasi- stereotypical Chinese ornamentation and lightings.

Qin Tang Taste

Home to the awesomely chewy biang biang noodles as well as other Shanxi fortes, this small Scarborough eatery is in fact the first Toronto location of a big Beijing-based chain. My personal favourite? The Shanxi Sliced Noodle with Stir-Fried Pork Slices. Dish that is delightful, long name.

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